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December 14, 2018

All About Me!

My Girls!


Concordia Crew


Bryce, Aaron, Andrew, & Simon


Bonnie, Jimmy, Ryan, & Wesley

Jaryn, Mark, and Nick

Whats Happening! (& other cool stuff!)

pages by lacey

Bonnie, Jimmy, Ryan, & Wesley

Bonnie- i love you just because! You are soo funny! I hope you and Chris are happy together! you two fight so much that if you broke up your life would be so weird being so simple! lol

Jimmy- what can i possibly say about you? You've fallen in love and wanna make it rich, but once you get the money you choose to go to Amsterdam (which i cant blame you) or you pay me for massages! I love you though! HeHeHe Be nice to Roxy for me! Dont push her off the bed! LoL

Ryan- you are the best uncle i could ever ask for for my girls! You are just soo cool! And all the ladies love you! LoL Well i'm still waitin for a tape of all my fav songs that you play for me! I'll pay you someday too! you still have the best lookin bathroom too!!!

Wesley- I hope that you are happy doing whatever your doing! I just thought i would put your pic up here so some people could enjoy you as one specific person will come look at you every day now! lol